How to Eat Healthily… Without Breaking the Bank!!

With money tight and prices high it is common for people to put low prices ahead of healthy options; many supermarkets have special offers, but have you noticed how they are often applied to the less healthy foods? Fruit and vegetables are rarely subject to discounts, and these are the sort of products we want to see at affordable prices. However, there are ways we can feed our families in a healthy manner, and without breaking the bank.

Change of Habit

In a recent survey almost two thirds of households said they found shopping for food a major strain on their finances, and had changed their habits to accommodate lower prices. But had they done the right thing, or were there ways they could save money on more beneficial, healthy options? The retail market has seen a move towards the discount brands – Lidl and Aldi, for example, are seeing major boosts – and away from the traditional supermarket names. It is well worth looking at what they have to offer, for name brands always carry a premium.

healthy eating

Look for Special Deals

The move away from well-known brands is one that many people are reluctant to make, given that they place a great deal of trust in the names they are familiar with. The fact is that by buying cheaper brands you may be getting the same product, from the same place, but with a different label. Other benefits are trying new products, and getting a fresh perspective on the cooking habits of your household.

Buy in Bulk

We don’t mean buying lots of one product at one time necessarily, but buying products in bigger portions: a whole chicken, for example, rather than just the breasts, can provide an excellent meal for a family, and while fresh fish may seem expensive, it can often stretch to a large meal for a full family. You can also consider cutting out the middle man – buy from farm shops, or visit the docks and buy fish straight from the boat – and for the ultimate cost saving option, why not dedicate a part of your garden to growing vegetables? You may be surprised how easy it is!


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