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Saving for that Dreaded Rainy Day!

In saving money, a person is thinking of tomorrow and how they will be able to get by. It is due to a will to survive that keeps a person ever mindful and vigilant about what tomorrow brings which is unexpected. We can never tell what the future brings, so it is our due diligence that we prepare ourselves to be fit to deal with the unexpected. Saving money is a good example in how we prepare for what tomorrow brings.

In saving money, we are planning to be ready for any unexpected expenses that we might need to undergo. The first step of saving money is to know what you want to save for.


Saving money for something is a goal that you set for yourself as you put your money into a piggy bank or an actual bank. It can be viewed as an accomplishment when the time comes to buy it.

In planning to buy a certain thing, saving money opens your eyes to other monetary situations that you want to be equipped to handle when the time comes, if it comes. Saving money is a good habit that should be practiced by everybody as it shows that they are concerned about what tomorrow may bring. It also shows that they have the capacity to plan ahead of time as they are anticipating the worst and want to be ready for it. Time brings so many unexpected twists and turns that we can never predict so it is a good idea for you to be prepared.

Putting your money in a bank is a great idea as you do not have total control of your funds as you have to withdraw your money before it is available. It gives you a discipline in knowing what you need as compared to wanting and spending unnecessarily.


Shopping Lists for Frugal Living

Knowing what you want to buy is also a money saving practice as this limits what you spend for. It takes a lot of discipline to be frugal about spending but the rewards are worth it. A good practice of being frugal is to list down what you need to buy.

Listing What You need to Buy

How many times have you seen people in groceries wandering aimlessly about what they want to buy? By listing down what you really need in your home, you are lessening the risk of spending needlessly on certain items that you do not need. It is also planning your budget so you are still able to save some money as you need certain things. By concentrating on the bare minimum, which are the necessities such as water, toilet paper, food, light bulbs, etc, you are exercising a great deal of self-discipline wherein a compulsion to buy other things are eliminated.

In being able to save money as you spend, you are also saving yourself by being prepared to handle different emergency situations which you can never foretell when it will occur. Emergency situation such as broken appliances that need immediate repair or a toothache that you need to see the dentist to repair. Imagine having to bare the pain of that toothache because you have no emergency funds to pay the dentist. That is a situation that could very possible happen and it would be a most painful one wherein you will wish that you had an emergency fund that you could use.

In listing down what you need, you can also save a lot of time and effort in shopping. You will not have to wonder whether or not you have a certain item at home, as you have taken the time to list down your needed items.

How to Spend Less and Live Well

Living expenses are piling up in the present day world. There are many expenses which cannot be curtailed living in a world where recession and inflation have struck. There are many expenses that need to be met and therefore, living frugally is a step forward in the right direction if you want to tackle less bills. Here are some tips for frugal living.


There are many coupon systems prevalent in the modern day world. Some of these coupons offer really good deals. Layer coupons so that you can attain mega savings.  Websites and online retailers are a good place to look for coupons. Many companies  offer bulk deals and this can lead to a difference in the amount of money that you spend. Frugal living is possible if you make the effort to find and spend coupons.



Make sure that you tone down on the bare basics that you need. Try to make do with one cell phone instead of two. Make sure that you do not spend on items you don’t need. If you can streamline your expenditure, that will go a long way in saving money.


Make sure that you do not spend excessively on purchases you do not need. Another good way is to make sure that you delay the purchase of some item for as long as possible. This can prevent you from spending too much at one time. By postponing the purchase, you will have a greater amount of money at your disposal.

Thus, you can easily avoid unnecessary expenditure and live frugally by becoming self sufficient and being independent in your financial planning. You can even grow your own food and be self reliant.